Apex: the near future

Written by Paulo Vale on Saturday, September 22, 2007

In the next weeks Apex will have an upgrade (3.1) and a new version (4.0) is just around the corner. In the newly published Apex Statement of Direction, are some clues that I've also seen in this Michael Hichwa document I found at Dietmar Aust Blog.
From the new functionalities expected for the 3.1 upgrade, I am very curious about the "PL/SQL API to manage a runtime installation of Application Express".

But the best is reserved to the 4.0 version. New promised and amazing features will be available as we can see in the recently published Carl Backstrom Apex 4.0 preview video. The new query report region using Ajax is just fabulous. The tabular form validations, one of the most wanted features asked in Oracle Apex Forums will also be available in this version.
I'm glad to see that Apex Team is still motivated to bring Apex to a higher level. As I said, new announced functionalities are just amazing and yet, more to come. Can't wait to get my hands into the 4.0 version.

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