A real live APEX application

Written by Paulo Vale on Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm happy to announce that neoface (my company) has finally launched it's first public APEX based software. During the past two or three years we've developed many APEX built applications to specific and private projects.

Yesterday and supported by a national (Portugal) radio and magazine campaign we started a new adventure. We have our first APEX appllication open to subscriptions targeting Portuguese market.

We did changed a lot in the past few months. We started by redesigning our corporate image. This is neoface's a new logo:

We also have a newly registered brand name to represent a pack of products. Here is the logo:
GetBetter is a pack of software products:
  • better.BIZ - ERP software developed using Oracle Forms and Reports;
  • better.CRM - CRM software developed in Oracle APEX;
  • better.TASKS - Collaborating software to manage projects and tasks built with Oracle APEX.

Better.BIZ will be available online as a demo, one week from now, but the business model for this product will be based on local instalations. Better.CRM will also be available for an online 30 days demo in 2 weeks and will be based in a SaaS business model. And... since yesterday we have better.TASKS up and running.

You can see some screenshots of better.TASKS and better.CRM in our website. We are also working in some videos. If you want to see a live APEX application you can subscribe for a trial in our site. Unfortunately only available in Portuguese language, so maybe it's a good time to learn Portuguese ;) Just click one of the "Subscrever" links at the bottom of the table. I just hope you dont find to many bugs.

We have lots of hope in this new project. So... wish us luck.

Translate Interactive Reports interface

Written by Paulo Vale on Saturday, March 08, 2008

For non english speaking developers like me, who work with an English APEX instalation instance, it's already annoying to have to translate each form for standard messages like "No data found".
However, regarding IRR, what I thought would be a problem for end users, thanks to Marco Adelfio answer to my post in APEX forum, after all it's simple. You can translate the IRR (Interactive Report Regions) interface messages to you own language.

In a previous blog post named "Translating internal messages used by APEX" I have explained the process to translate system messages.

This time, as you can see in this table, there is a lot of new messages on the list. So, lot of work waiting for you :)

This is problematic when you have a large number of applications to manage. A solution to this problem was explained by Peter Lorenzen in the comments box of my previous post regarding this subject. There is a script called extract_messages.sql wich can help you with this task. You only need to translate the system messages the first time.