UKOUG 2008 Conference

Written by Paulo Vale on Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This year I'll attend to the UKOUG 2008 Conference in Birmingham from 1st to 5th December. The conference agenda looks interesting, although not having so many APEX related sessions.

It seems that there are some nice bars in Birmingham :) and Dimitri is planning an informal APEX Meetup on Monday after the Opening Party. It's a good opportunity to meet people from the APEX community. You can follow the details on this Oracle APEX forum thread.

My agenda will be around Database Development, APEX and FORMS:

Advanced SQL for PL/SQL Programmers
Oracle Application Express Now and in the Future
Oracle Forms: Features and Future
Oracle 11g/10g Developers: What You Need to Know
UKOUG 2008 Opening Party

Web 2.0 in Buisness or Education . Which is the better marriage?
Application Express Best Practices
Change Change Change
Oracle Forms – The New World
Weird PL/SQL
Database Development with Oracle SQL Developer: An Overview
Community Focus Pubs

Oracle SQL Developer: Focusing on a Few Advanced Features
Obtaining and Interpretting Execution Plans using DBMS_XPLAN
Migrating Oracle Forms to SOA and J2EE (Oracle ADF)
Advanced Oracle Application Express Tips and Techniques
Bringing Oracle Designer and CASE repositories back to life – a return on your investment
Visual Data Modeling with Oracle SQL Developer
25th Year Celebration Party

Mastering charts in Oracle Application Express (APEX)
Being Steven Feuerstein
Designing PL/SQL applications
Consolidate your Desktop Databases to Oracle 11g
(Re)Developing a logistic application in APEX in the real world
Securing APEX an application on a Microsoft platform
Performance Tuning ApEx Applications

Hope to see you there!

Timepicker and APEX

Written by Paulo Vale on Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ClockPick is a jQuery time picker plugin. As I showed in previous posts, it's fairly easy to integrate third party javascript components with APEX.

A demo of ClockPick working with APEX can be found here.

How to do it?

1- Upload files to your APEX server. You can upload them directly to the server filesystem or use static files in Shared Components;


2- Include reference to the CSS file and ClockPick plugin JS file on the page template between HEADER tags or directly in you page properties, Header section:

3- Include reference to the JQuery library file (again in page template or page header):

4- Now the script to make it all happen. Note that this function is binding P9_TIME text element. You can reference the many items you want. You can also change the hour range to be displayed and execute a function after the selection is done. Read ClockPick website to get detailed information about all the configurations available.