Back to real life

Written by Paulo Vale on Monday, September 01, 2008

After 15 well deserved :) days of vacations in the sunny Algarve (south Portugal) I'm back to work. It is hard when I think that just two days ago I was at those wonderful beaches, eating fresh sea fish...

However, not everything went fine :( I just had one of the major sports disillusion, provoked by a bad referee decision.

I've just noticed that while I was away some things happened in the APEX world,  starting with the release of APEX 3.1.2 patch. Judging by the number of fixed bugs I think it is worthy to apply the patch. There are already reports saying everything went fine applying the patch.

A new version of OTN forums came out (again) but unfortunately there are still some problems. Fortunately there are people who can help us deal with some issues like the look and feel.

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