My OpenWorld 2008: 25 Set

Written by Paulo Vale on Saturday, September 27, 2008

The day started too early after the big party the night before. It was that last day of OpenWorld 2008 and there were lots of people going home.

Session 1: Dispelling myths about ApexJohn Scott

I surely didn’t expect to see a full room, being this session at 9 AM and having the big party the night before. I guess Jes is even more popular now that he has his own book :) I bought the book but didn’t have the chance to read it yet, but judging by the index I think it’s worthy to buy it.

I found this session particularly interesting. It wasn’t a technical session with development tips but was very useful for companies working with customers that are a little afraid to go for APEX.

The session started we an original set of slides that John asked the audience to read loud. It was a fun moment.  Then there was an interesting timeline animation with the history of APEX.

Basically John introduced some slides with common statements on APEX alleged weaknesses. Questions like “Is it a rewrite of WebDB?” or “Is it supported by Oracle?” or even “Is it just an Excel replacement.

I sure want a copy of that slides :)

Session 2: Building a Web 2.0 Interface with Oracle Application Express - Mark Lancaster

With this presentation, Mark Lancaster explained some tricks on how to integrate ExtJs with Apex, taking Apex to the next level in terms of Web 2.0 interface. You can find his application and see the nice interface by yourself at

For the OpenWorld closing there was the “It’s a Wrap!” party by the beautiful Yerba Buena Gardens. Time for the last drinks and food at Openworld and a nice chat with Roel Hartman, Francis Mignault and Patrick Bonneville.

The day finished with a nice dinner in an Italian Restaurant at Fisherman’s wharf.

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