My OpenWorld 2008: 24 Set

Written by Paulo Vale on Friday, September 26, 2008

It was a big day… Larry Ellison’s keynote with the X thing , my presentation and the Appreciation Event.

I also had the opportunity to have preview demo of APEX 4.0 features at the Demo Grounds.

Session 1: Soup-to-Nuts RAD development using Oracle SQL Developer and APEX – Mike Hichwa, Kris Rice & David Peake, Oracle

I had lots of expectations for this session because of the new SQL Developer data modeling feature. I think it´s a feature that we all are waiting for. There was a small demo on that in this session and I quite liked it.

The big question was: will SQL Developer replace Designer? The answer was no, because this is not exactly the same as Designer, but I’m feeling that a lot of people will leave Designer :)

Session 2: Building commercial SaaS (Software as a Service) applications with Apex

This time I wasn’t on the audience side, but on the stage along with representatives of other companies, some of them large companies with large projects built in APEX.

On the audience we could see many people thinking in starting doing business with applications built with APEX, which was nice. It turned out to be very good to share our experience with each other with different methods of approaching customers, building and securing applications.

This was a very interactive session with people asking a lot of questions and I think it went quite well since I had some positive feedback.

At the end of the night I went to the Appreciation Event in the Treasure Island. And that was really such a big event. People, food, drinks, music… It was fun.

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